Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Update: Pitches!!!

See Dark Angel nudging me to post...
if he weren't so cute, I'd probably
grumble right back at him... in a snarky,
whiny tone that is. You know the tone I'm
 talking about... it's the one that decimates
 any man's concentration--especially when
 football is on. Mooohahahahaha.
And yes, I agree. I am evil.
But in a good way! LOL.
Here's the update that all my FFnP Pitching Peeps have been waiting for!  Info on pitch setups.  This one is easy, so take a deep breath and enjoy the moment.

The awesome Qwillia Rain (who is a crucial conference committee volunteer--you try and say that 3 times fast, lol) has stepped up to coordinate pitches!

I have delivered the names of each person--who requested pitching time with our fantabulous editors and agents when they registered--to Qwillia and she will be sending out emails over the next couple of days to find out who you'd like to sign up for.

You'll work with Qwillia to get the slot you've been waiting for and then we'll send out confirmation emails to let you know the details on it.

And that's it. Easy, right? Right.

Okay, well it is easy for those who remembered to click yes to pitching when they registered.

But what about those folks who may have missed checking the box yes?
Or who might have changed their mind and now be in the mood (or ready) to pitch at conference?

No problem! If you've registered for the conference and want a pitch session, just email your friendly neighborhood FF&P Conference Coordinators at conference@romance-ffp.com and request a session! It's as easy as that. Because after we receive your email, we'll add you to our database and forward your info to Qwillia to be included in on the fun.

And as always, if you have any questions, comments or concerns about this year's conference... we're just an email--or comment box, lol--away!

Take care and catch ya in New Orleans!
FF&P Conference Minion

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