Monday, January 16, 2012

Reserve NOW, Pay LATER

With a wave of my magic wand,
money shall appear and... aw crap.
Well, at least I know the wand works.
Money did appear... *groan* I'm soooo busted when Mom gets home.
I was talking with two conference committee volunteers this weekend about life, liberty, and my personal pursuit of world domination (that's my world, not yours--for right now) when the topic of money, then taxes, then what list of writing conferences I (who am currently unemployed) am planning to attend this year came up.

Honestly, I can tell you the conference list for me is a short one.  For the main reason that it's down right difficult to find a conference to attend that fits into my (almost non-existent) budget (which is a totally different post for a totally different blog, but alas I digress... as usual, but now back to my point...).

Anyway, somewhere in that stream of consciousness that I tend to do that slightly resembles what is considered a 'normal' conversation... it hit me that I'd forgotten to post THE best thing (IMHO--and yes it's my opinion, so I'm totally biased that it flippin' rocks) the conference committee has put together for attendees.

(And yeah if you imagined me smoting my forehead when that little 'oh dear' moment slapped me upside the head then... welcome to the insanity and embrace the fear, because you're locked onto my wavelength. Moohahahahahah--*cough* *choke* *sputter*--um, I mean, congratulations and now back to our ir-regularly scheduled blog post.)

What I forgot to mention was this:

Reserve your conference spot NOW, Pay LATER

So if you're (like me and) struggling to come up with funds at this very minute to make FF&P's conference and you really, really, REALLY want to attend (because it's in New Orleans and you're two steps beyond ready to tell your 2012 diet plans to take a hike for one weekend out of the year), then check out the following 3 steps and be amazed at the magic behind my wand waving that's dedicated to satisfying your inner workshop gremlin.

#1   Reserve your conference slot right now, by filling out the registration information at this link:

#2   BEFORE FEBRUARY 9th, slide over to the hotel link and reserve your hotel room.  Info on the hotel is up above under the Venue page or click here:

#3   BEFORE FEBRUARY 20th, pay for the conference via PayPal or check.

And there you have it, three baby steps towards meeting your yearly workshop quota, pitch sessions, and sampling New Orleans' incredible cuisine.  

I hope this helps and if you have any questions, need help managing the deadlines, or want to send fan mail about my blog writing skills... then drop the conference committee coordinators an email at:

We'd love nothing better than to start your 2012 writing year off right by helping you make Your Conference Dreams come true.

Until next time...
Conference Co-Chair and Insane Writer Elf with incredibly realistic (albeit, temporarily unrealized) dreams of grandeur


  1. Yay, payments! I like knowing that I can hold a spot now, and pay when I'm more solvent.


  2. Ditto on that, Q!

    Although I have to admit that I don't use the word solvent often in sentences these days... mostly because it brings out the evil scientist in me... moooohahahahahahahaha (see this evil scientist rubbing her hands together with maniacal glee--because I've just used some evil villain/genius hand sanitizer that I spotted on a cartoon a few weeks ago)... bring out the solvent! No, not the sovereign... the solvent--

    Anyone besides me think it's past my bedtime right now? lol

  3. What a great idea, Staci. Hold a spot now and pay later...