Friday, January 13, 2012

Top 10 Things To Do In New Orleans—Under $10

A few days ago, the lovely and wonderfully talented Dawn Chartier sent me an email with a list in it—one that she pulled together from this link. If I haven't mentioned it before… I love (and I mean LOVE) lists. They keep me on track and I get tingly all over when it's time to check items off the list and… they are actually the best present anyone (especially, those who need to nag me for something important) could ever give me.

Because I'll be heading down to New Orleans for FF&P's Fantasy on the Bayou Writers' Conference March 2-4, 2012 (and because Dawn lives in New Orleans and has been an absolute doll fielding my questions about what to do while I'm in town for my (gasp!) very first time EVER—I know, that's shocking, isn't it?), she gave me a list of the top 10 (with a really cool bonus #11) for me to do while my penny pinching self is in her neck of the woods.

The list goes like this:
Top 10 Things To Do in New Orleans Under $10
Napoleon's Death Mask at the Cabildo in Jackson Square
 1.) Beignets at Cafe' Du Monde (Just one suggestion: don't wear black)
2.) The Cabildo in Jackson Square (Go see Napoleon's death mask and lots of other fascinating stuff)
3.) Dueling Pianos at Pat O'Brien's (For a tip they will play just about anything)
4.) Streetcar Ride (For $1.25 the streetcar will take you back in time)
5.) Slots at Harrah's (Ten dollars may not take you too far, but you never know...)
6.) Street Performers (Come on. Give me a buck.)
7.) Roman Candy Wagon (One gooey stick will take you back)
8.) French Market (Shop for affordable treasures)
9.) Snowballs (Take them for an authentic New Orleans snowball. Nectar cream is a local favorite.)
10.) Lucky Dog (You haven't been to New Orleans until you've had one.)

(insert drumroll please for the Bonus #11 item to do…)

11.) Scavenger Hunt (Join the fun on our scavenger hunt and find where some popular characters from various novels visited a time or two.)

OMFG. Did anyone else look at #11 and think… I wanna see the street and imagine the float that knocked Talon on his ass in Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter book, Night Embrace.  Or better yet… can I go to the Sanctuary?

Hehehe, I feel like a kid in a candy shop—just plain giddy—thinking of all the possibilities.

Okay, so now it's your turn. 

If you were going to visit New Orleans for FF&P's Fantasy on the Bayou conference, what would you put on your scavenger hunt list?


  1. Did the Queen of Louisiana (from the Sookie Stackhouse series) live in New Orleans? Other than her, I can't think of any characters, but that's probably because I haven't read many (if any) books set in New Orleans!

  2. Oooooh, yeah. You're right! Sophie Ann (that's her name, right?) did live in New Orleans.

    Thanks and see me adding it to the list!

  3. Were any of the Anne Rice Vamps or Witches located in NO? Or what about someone from Heather Graham?

    I'm not an uberfan, so I have nothing concrete. Just know some of the stories might have been located in NO.

    Was Clay from Kelly Armstrong's Otherworld series in the bayou near NO? Don't remember the exact location where Jeremy found him.

    Christine Feehan's Ghost Walker series may take place near New Orleans. She has links to the city in her research section. I haven't read this series of hers so not sure.

    1. I have such a bad memory when it comes to remembering this kind of stuff. I swear if I don't write it down on a list, it just gets lost in the insanity that is the gray cells in my demented mind.

      Beth you make a great point about all those characters and it's something I'm definitely going to have to check out.


  4. I was at Kresley Cole's, Lothaire Book Tour last night, I found out that some of her books were set in New Orleans too... (and might I add that Lothaire was there. OMG!)

  5. OMG, Dawn--Lazy me just went and checked out the pics on your facebook page ( Lothaire has been added to MY list--sorry, you'll have ot make you're own list (lol) after that pic, I'm not sharing. You had your chance. He's--UM, UH, well, what i meant was... the list, yeah the list, that's it... It's mine now... moooohahahahahahahahaha

  6. Ha! I remember Night Embrace and the float that ran over Talon. And I do want to visit Sanctuary and Acme Oyster house. It was Bride and Tabitha's favorite Restaraunt. Night Play and Seize the Night.

  7. Hi there. I'm one of your scholarship people. This will be MY first trip to New Orleans as well and this list has me super, super excited! Thanks for sharing it.